Downtown Sundown 5K

The Downtown Sundown 5K on June 16 was my first race back after essentially 9 months off of running. And here’s the thing – I really had no intentions to run this race. I had been back to running for about 7 weeks and my main focus was just building mileage back up. But when […]

Long Time Gone

So. It’s been awhile. Two years and thirteen days, to be exact. My last post was about taking a summer break and if you ask me I basically just lived the childhood dream of a never ending summer vacation. But I’ve slowly been making my way back here. A lot has happened since the last […]

Unofficial Summer Break, Officially

SO, it’s fairly obvious that I’ve taken a bit of a break from the blog. In fact, I couldn’t remember my password at first when I was logging on to WordPress to write this. First of all, I feel like I should apologize for taking this unannounced break. Especially since I had been regularly blogging […]

Birthday Paddle Boarding

Sorry for my recent, unannounced radio silence! This past week I just did not have any desire to be on my laptop, so I took a little break. But I’m back today with a recap from last Sunday. After primarily focusing on running throughout the winter and spring, I was excited to spend time doing […]

What’s in a name?

When you hear the phrase ‘trail running’ I think it’s common to immediately picture some technical, singletrack trail that carves its way up a mountain. And that is trail running. But trail running is a lot more than that, too. The definition of trail running can be pretty subjective. But these are my thoughts on […]

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