Never Tell A Runner

Running can be a solitary activity. But when a runner decides to run a race, it often involves support from their friends and/or loved ones. We definitely couldn’t do it without that support, and it’s appreciated more than you know! That being said…. Sometimes, those that come out to cheer on a runner during a race […]

Hooked on a Feeling

I’ll preface this post by stating that I am probably the world’s worst food photographer. And this post is all about food. Consider yourself warned. About a year ago, I started making some changes in my diet. I subbed whole grains in place of refined grain products, stopped eating fast food almost entirely, and cut […]

New River Trail 50K – Race Report

New River Trail 50K

Sometimes I question my decisions. And I often wonder what drives me to do the things I do. That’s always the question, right. “Why?” Often, it’s quickly followed by some comment about not even liking to drive that far, that it can’t possibly be good for your knees, etc. I don’t think most of us […]

Life With Bloodhounds

As you may or may not know, I share my life with two humongous, messy, lovable hounds – Hank and Scout. Life with these hounds is always entertaining, hilarious, and sometimes unpredictable. But there are certain unique aspects to owning a bloodhound. You know you’re sharing your life with bloodhounds when… Your routine house chores […]

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