Richmond Half Marathon – Race Report

Another Richmond race and another Meg’s Miles weekend in the books! It’s a busy weekend from the time we arrive in Ashland on Thursday evening to the time we depart on Sunday afternoon. I’m always exhausted afterward. But I also always come away with a full heart, an invigorated soul, and a some new friends. […]

Old Glory Trail Runs – Race Report

The Old Glory Trail Runs took place on November 9 at the Kairos Wilderness Resort in Glen Lyn, VA. The race name is significant, as the race is held on Veteran’s Day weekend to honor our veterans. Runners have the option of running the 10K, half marathon, or 50K distance. I opted for the half […]

The Four by Four by Twenty-Four

Hi! It’s been quiet around here since June. I unintentionally let my blog go a bit dormant since then… I guess call it another summer break? A few summer highlights: Life has continued since the last time I checked in. In July, I celebrated another trip around the sun with a 31K “Fat Ass” for […]

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