Happy National Running Day!

I hope everyone was able to go out and celebrate National Running Day at some point today! Barry and I celebrated this evening with an easy 3 mile run.

In honor of National Running Day, I decided to share a bunch of motivational pictures that I have saved on my computer. Some of these came from Run the Edge and some came from Distant Runners , both on Facebook. I know a few came from Pinterest but I don’t know for sure exactly where they all came from.

The next one is so true. Who doesn’t drive past a bike path or trail that you’ve never been on before and yearn to go explore it?

For real:

For really real:

This next one pretty much sums up why I run. I couldn’t have said it better myself:

Everyone runs for so many different reasons, and I love hearing other runner’s stories about why they run and what got them into running. I know personally there are many different reasons that I not only started running but continue to run today. But the above picture sums all of those reasons up nicely. I have been at this way too long to even consider giving up now.

Why do you run?

How did you celebrate National Running Day today?


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  1. That someecard about the last and first thought is SO true haha. I went on a short run today but it was nice to get out there! I haven’t run much since the half marathon!

    1. It’s exactly how I feel before and after every race!

  2. As you know I don’t run. I have a note from the doctor. I did celebrate by walking 4 miles during lunch. It was a beautiful day and felt good. Capped it off by watching the Nats get destroyed by the Mets. Since they came to Washington I have been to thirteen games. In those games, they are 0-13. Friends have forbidden me to go.


    1. Yes, I know about your doctor’s note πŸ™‚ Glad you got a beautiful day for a lunchtime walk! Way to keep your Nats streak alive πŸ™‚

  3. I RUN… because it’s who I am. Basically, I’ve been running so long that I wouldn’t know what to do if I didn’t run! So much in my life revolves around running. Most of my friends run; after training with me a while, many of my clients get caught up in the excitement and decide to start running; I lead and coach the Cruisers; and now with Deb Runs I seem to focus on running 24/7! πŸ™‚

    1. Too true! I think so many of us would not know who we were without running. I definitely feel like it has become part of my identity.

  4. I run to ward off old age…..I run to stay sane….I run for my health…I run to feel good.

    1. All great reasons to run!

  5. I run because it brought me back to who I know I am. I learn, grow, strive and succeed every mile that I finish!

  6. I run…because I’m a better person when I do.

    [Vague, but that pretty much encompasses all my reasons!]

    When people find out where in Singapore we live, their common question is, “WHY there?” [It’s not a super popular place for young couples, but it *is* near the biggest green/trail running space in Singapore.] My response? “Because our marriage works better when there is good running just out our front door!” There’s more than a bit of truth to that…

    1. Same here. When I run I feel like I deal with everything else in life in a better way – whether that’s going through a stressful time, making food choices, or dealing with situations at work.

  7. I love the race one (about wanting to do another right away). That is SO me! Happy belated running day to you too!

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