Thunder Road Marathon Training – Week 4

This is my first go at a weekly training recap, and it feels almost as awkward as a first date… or my first blog post. I guess I’ll just launch right into it and babble the way I did on my first date with Barry (it’s a miracle he asked me out on a second date).

Monday – 3 mile progression run, mile splits: 10:17, 9:48, 9:26

Tuesday – Rest day. I didn’t feel up to cross training, so I opted for a rest day and cooked a favorite new summer dish for dinner instead.

Wednesday – 3 mile run on my new, yet-to-be-named treadmill!

Love at first sight. <3

Thursday – 10.3 mile bike ride with Barry on the Dora and New River trails.

I don’t know how triathletes get off their bike and head out on the run. My legs always feel like lead when I get off of my bike.

Friday – 3 mile morning run on my new treadmill

A little blurry Duck Dynasty with my morning run.

Saturday – 6 mile long run with Kim on the Dora and New River Trails. It absolutely poured during the second half of the run.

Sunday – Rest day.

This week’s schedule:

Monday – 4 miles
Tuesday – XT
Wednesday – 3 miles
Thursday – Rest
Friday – 4 miles
Saturday- 6 miles
Sunday – 2 miles

This will be the first of 8 weeks at 5 days of running per week. Aside from a few sporadic weeks here and there, I typically don’t run more than 4 days per week. But I’m looking forward to shaking things up!


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  1. Yay! Glad you are enjoying your new treadmill. Can’t wait to hear about the name! I typically run 5 days a week and I love it to the point where rest days just seem weird to me.

    1. Hopefully I will have the same love for running 5 days per week πŸ™‚

  2. Honestly, you’ll hardly notice the 5th day – it’ll hardly seem worth it to get your workout gear on and get sweaty for just 2 miles. You’ve got this, no problem!

    1. It’s really easing me into 5 days of running with just 2 miles on the fifth day, huh?

  3. So excited to follow your marathon training! I’m thinking about a training recap some time this week too. I used to run five days a week, but my body just doesn’t do well. Now I run 3-4 days a week with 2-3 days of cross training & one day off. And, yes, your legs do feel like lead when you get off the bike and start running!!

    1. It would be neat to see a typical training week for you, since you usually just post 3 days per week.

  4. Glad to hear you are mixing in the bike ride. Can’t wait to knock off a few miles with you guys. Still haven’t decided whether I am going to bring Gary or Sammy with me. But it definitely won’t be Snake. Leaning towards Sammy so I don’t get so paranoid about sand in the gears.

    Glad the nameless treadmill is coming in handy. And you were three days old before you had a name.


    1. Yea! I’m looking forward to some miles at the beach (and some Wal-Mart trips) on our bikes! Good luck with the bike decision.

      I didn’t know I didn’t have a name for the first 3 days of my life!

  5. I’m loving your weekly recap. It will be fun to see your miles progress as you go along.

    1. Thanks! These early stages of training have had lower mileage than what I was typically running before officially being in training.

  6. I cannot hop off the bike and run, either. Even the day after a hard bike ride my legs are toast. Love your treadmill!!

    1. Same here! I guess it’s something you get used to over time?

  7. loved the recap =). I love when runners do weekly recaps because it makes it so much easier to follow what they are doing.

    Running after biking is super hard! You get more used to it (or better at knowing what it will feel like) the more you do it.

    So excited to hear how the 5-days a week are going!

    1. I don’t know how you can get used to running after biking, but obviously a lot of people do!

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