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Fall is my favorite season for many reasons: football, pumpkins, cool and crisp air, apples, Thanksgiving, and road races to name a few. Another reason fall is my favorite is the changing leaves. I love the way the mountains look during all four seasons. I will probably always be a mountains girl. But I love them most during the fall, when they become multi-colored.

Over the past two weeks, we hit the peak of the leaves changing. I was able to get a bunch of pictures during the past week to capture some of it. The picture is never as good as the view is in person, though. It’s a good thing I got these pictures when I did, because most of the leaves have blown off of the trees now with the wind we have been having lately.

From the Draper Mountain overlook:

From the East River Mountain overlook:

From the New River State Park Trail:

Not an overlook, but still really pretty

From the Big Walker Mountain overlook:

The colorful ridgeline would have shown up a lot better if it hadn’t been so cloudy.

Which overlook spot from above was your favorite?
Mine is Big Walker Mountain.

Do you see a lot of trees changing color during the fall?

What is your favorite season?


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  1. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pics! The colors haven’t been great this year, but there are a few beautiful pops of color here and there. Love that last pic!!

    1. Same here. I think the early frost we had kind of made a lot of the leaves go straight to brown.

  2. I love fall, too. As much as I hate the days getting shorter, I love the leaves in the fall. You live in a beautiful place. Are you in the mountains or just right next to them?

    1. That’s the one thing I don’t like about fall- less daylight. We live in the mountains šŸ™‚

  3. All beautiful views. Big Walker Mountain is the best of this bunch.

    Leaves have turned and begun to fall here. Took a drive into the Blue Ridge this past weekend and enjoyed many vibrant colors. I am certain they will be gone next week.

    I like the transition points between seasons the best. It’s the change of seasons not the seasons themselves. If I have to pick a favorite season it would be summer only because I like sunlight. After this week I will be coming to work and heading home in the dark as we make the switch into standard time. Back to the treadmill to keep from being squished.


    1. Big Walker Mountain is my favorite, too!

  4. Big walker mountain!

    I love fall. It’s my absolutely favorite season for everything you listed. Crisp air, cooler temperatures, changing leaves, holidays and warm foods.

    I’ve been meaning to make it to the mountains for some leaf viewing…perhaps this weekend before they are all gone!

    1. The only downside to fall, as Amy pointed out, is less daylight. Hope you get out to the mountains before all the leaves are gone!

  5. Which road were you on for the Big Walker Mountain picture? I don’t think it was Route 16 because I don’t recognize the split-rail fence. Was it near Wytheville?

    1. That was from Highway 52 šŸ™‚ The first picture is looking out towards Bland County and Hwy 42. The second picture is looking back in the direction of the town of Wytheville.

  6. Yes. Fall is the best season! In my opinion, anyway.

    I like the Big Walker overlook, but the one of the New River is pretty amazing, too.

    1. Big Walker is my favorite, too. That picture at the New River came out better than I could have hoped. I snapped it during a run, without stopping and without checking my camera to see how it looked. Quite the surprise when I got home and loaded it onto my computer.

  7. I’m a sucker for water views, so I’m going with the New River non-overlook view.

    And these photos are all making me miss fall…definitely my favorite season, too. Crispy weather, crunchy leaves, warm and snuggly smells without TOO much freezing…ahhhhh….

    Also, Deb and her local knowledge are totally cute!

    1. That one of the New River came out really well! It surprised me.

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