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It’s time for another Wednesday Word link up with Deb! This week’s word is Appreciation.

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I’ve bounced around a bit with these Wednesday Word prompts, often tying it in to whatever I had going on that week. But this week I’m choosing to stay running-specific with it. As many of you know, I love running races. I love pushing myself gunning for a best time, but I also enjoy the atmosphere of a race and the opportunity to run in a place I may not otherwise get to see. Races wouldn’t be nearly as fun without the spectators there cheering us on (often with funny signs).

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Two years ago I read a wonderful article in the July 2013 edition of Runners’ World (the Boston Marathon special). The article was called Standing Ovation, and it was a tribute to the spectators. It captures my thoughts on appreciation for spectators and those who support us in our endeavors perfectly, so I’ll let a few excerpts do the talking…


That last line is a great reminder: “…it’s easy to take them a little bit for granted.” That’s so true, and it’s important to show some appreciation for spectators. Most of all, for our personal cheerleaders. In my case that’s my family.

With Dad and little sister at 2015 Blue Ridge Half Marathon

With Dad and little sister at 2015 Blue Ridge Half Marathon

With Barry and Dad at the finish line of the Marine Corps Marathon

With Barry and Dad at the finish line of the Marine Corps Marathon

Barry is often up for any adventure or crazy race I decide to sign up for. When he opts out, he’s still often there to cheer me on. My dad has always been one of my biggest cheerleaders in life, and he continues to do so now.


The article goes on to talk about how they do all of this for us. And they do so with humility, often saying “I’m just here to watch.” But it’s not just, because we couldn’t do what we do without your support. And even when we are caught up in doing what we do, know that you are appreciated.

How do you show your appreciation for the ones who root for you (in running, or in life)?


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  1. Yes, we can never forget those that stand out in the pouring rain to cheer us on! And I’ll say it again, I appreciated your dad being our chauffeur for Ragnar DC!

    Thank you for linking up!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…In Appreciation Of YouMy Profile

    1. It’s a lot of fun interacting with all of the people who come out to cheer on race day. And as a race spectator, I always have a lot of fun!

  2. I’m always so appreciative of the spectators who line the race courses. I smile at them and thank them, high five the little kids, and push the “power” button on the signs. It makes me smile and I do run a little faster when I’m smiling!
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…Interview with Dimity McDowell Davis: Another Mother RunnerMy Profile

    1. I love interacting with all of them. I try and high five every little outstretched hand, too!

  3. I try and be supportive of what it is they do! 🙂 We could not put on races without the support of a city, organizers, family members and all else that fall in between. Great post!
    Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlin recently posted…AppreciationMy Profile

    1. There’s so much that goes into a road/trail race event in addition to the actual participants of the race. It’s important to remember that!

  4. I love spectators at races! At MCHH last weekend, I tried to high five as many kids (and Marines!) as I could — they make a huge difference.

    Last year I ran the Reston Half in a tutu. It’s the only one I’ve ever done in a tutu — it was right after that flap about Self magazine dissing tutus. To my delight, many of the spectators had tutus, too, and it was super fun to share the delight with all of those total strangers.
    Anne recently posted…Wednesday Word: AppreciationMy Profile

    1. They definitely do! I experienced that at MCM last fall. I LOVE that there were spectators in tutus after that article!

  5. You have the BEST fan club. I love seeing all of your pics and reading how your dad & Barry support you! My dad has actually never seen me race. 🙁 I think my mom did one time when I raced here in town. I’m not sure why my family is not more on board. I’ll admit it does make me a little sad! At my first half marathon my running buddy had her mom, her mother-in-law, and her father-in-law there to watch and it struck me how my parents were all “oh whatever”. LOL! Luckily my hubby is usually along racing with me.

    Anyhow, my point is not to attract sympathy but just to say that you are SO lucky to have those two great men in your life, which you clearly already appreciate! 🙂
    jan recently posted…Fairy GardensMy Profile

    1. Thanks, Jan! I’m sorry your parents aren’t as “into” it (I know you’re not looking for sympathy – but still wanted to say that!). It’s good your husband is into it, too, and you’ve got a big cheer squad in your kids. I love the running group you’ve got, too. Y’all always look like you have so much fun at races together!

  6. It takes less time to support your children’s activities than it does to visit them in rehab!


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