Weekly Workout Recap: Oct. 12 – 18

I’m linking up today with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin’ for their weekly wrap linkup, to recap last week’s workouts!

Monday- Rest.

Tuesday- 3 mile run in the evening after work. It was a perfect fall evening, and I couldn’t help but push it towards the end, which was fun! After taking it easy for a couple of weeks, my Achilles tendon is finally feeling back to normal after getting aggravated at the Virginia 10 Miler.


Wednesday- Cross training. I did a little bit of core stuff, and I also spent three hours cleaning the old sealant off of the flashing/metal edge seals for our camper repair. I’m counting it towards my workout since my arms were sore the next day!


Thursday- 3 mile easy run on “Sven” (my nickname for my treadmill 🙂 ). I rocked out to some music. Hank was sitting in the basement just staring at me, so I started doing little dance moves with my arms and singing to him a bit. This is the reaction I got:


Friday- Rest. Loaded up the camper and headed down to the campground in Fries for Saturday’s race.

Saturday- New River Trail 25K. I had a pretty good race, and ran a PR for the distance (although the previous 25K’s I have run involved a couple of mountains). I don’t feel like I ran my best race, but I felt good, the weather was good, and the scenery was beautiful. Full race recap coming either later this week or next week, whenever I find time to write it!

New River Trail 25K

Sunday- Rest. Traveled home from Fries and then spent about an hour unloading the camper.

Do you run/workout with music?
Do you ever go camping?
Who else raced this past weekend? How did it go?


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  1. Nope, not a camping kind of gal. I like my creature comforts. I did camp as a kid. My husband isn’t a camping kind of guy, either.

    I don’t workout with music. I like to watch tv if I have to run on the treadmill — I was kind of leaning towards that this morning, but it’s a beautiful morning (just really, really, really cold — first hard freeze), so I’m going to brave it. The hardest part is getting out the door, of course!

    Great job on your race! Trail races are hard. Like, really hard, so naturally I don’t do them.
    Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy recently posted…Post Half Marathon Running (but mostly not): 10/12-10/18 Weekly WrapMy Profile

    1. Y’all sound like you are a good match for each other, then!

      It’s always hardest getting out the door for me, too. Once I’m out there I usually don’t question it, but boy is it hard to get out there in the first place when it’s bitter cold!

  2. Music is a definite when I’m outside. If I’m on the treadmill it is usually TV.


    1. I like the TV or a movie when I’m on the treadmill, too!

  3. As much as I love being outdoors, when it comes to sleep, I need a mattress and a roof over my head. What can I say?
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…The Hangover: marathon recoveryMy Profile

    1. When we came we’ve got both, since we have a camper 🙂 No tent camping here (except at Ragnar)!

  4. I love the reaction of Hank’s face! That’s too cute. My cat has come to see what I’m up to on the treadmill but he doesn’t stay too interested for long. If he knows that Chad’s home, he would rather curl up next to him.

    I definitely have to have music when I run/workout. Unless I have a buddy to run with. I definitely can’t watch tv while I’m on the treadmill though!

    Great job on the PR for the New River Trail 25K! Looking forward to your recap!
    Jessica recently posted…Half marathon training plan Week 2 RecapMy Profile

    1. He always shows so much expression on his face! Why can’t you watch TV on the treadmill??

  5. I love Hank’s face. I get that look from my cat on occasion. She’s wondering what that human is doing and has it lost its mind.
    Lesley recently posted…Monday Musings 10/19My Profile

    1. I wonder how often we do things that make our pets question us/our sanity 🙂

  6. Hank is so cute! I’m not much a camper, but I do like staying in a rustic cabin! I must have music for any activity. You should see me in the pool with my shuffle clipped my to headband and my headphone cord wrapped around my ponytail. Whatever works, right? I’m glad to hear your Achilles is better. Congrats on the 25K. I appreciate you linking up with us!
    HoHo Runs recently posted…My New Normal (WW # 11)My Profile

    1. Rustic cabins are fun – that’s what we did for our honeymoon. So peaceful, and nice to be away from the craziness of the real world.

      Haha your pool setup sounds like quite the spectacle! As long as it works, that’s all that matters!

  7. Last time I camped was at Ragnar Trail Appalachians, and the next time I’ll camp will be at Ragnar Richmond. 🙂

    Looking forward to reading your 25K recap. Congrats on the PR!

    Love the picture of inquisitive Hank!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…Here’s What’s UpMy Profile

    1. Sounds like a plan! I’m looking forward to Ragnar Richmond already 🙂 Shall we start trying to appease Mother Nature with gifts now??

  8. Aww Hank is the perfect name for him too! Isn’t he just adorable! He was trying to figure out how he can dance with you! It’s no secret I love camping, in fact I’m starting to get withdrawals it’s been a few weeks since we went. But I have to keep reminding myself just one more weekend and we’ll be in it. Ha, I love our little home on wheels! Sounds like you had a great 25k! Congratulations on the PR too, that is awesome! I appreciate you linking up with us I love reading what you are up too! 🙂
    Tricia@MissSippipiddlin recently posted…Who Inspired You to Start RunningMy Profile

    1. Haha, thank you! People say that to me all of the time. His name suits him 🙂 Glad y’all will be back out camping. It’s so nice to have a camper, since they feel like a home away from home.

  9. I raced! Did my first full in Detroit, and I’m still recovering!
    Alison recently posted…Detroit Free Press MarathonMy Profile

    1. Congrats again on a great race!

  10. Looks like a beautiful camp site! We used to go camping when I was younger, but I haven’t been in forever. Congrats on a great race! I too ran a PR this weekend, my first sub 2:00 half marathon.
    Debra recently posted…Gulf Coast Half Marathon Mandeville, LAMy Profile

    1. Congratulations on your PR!! Looks like you had a great race. It’s awesome when everything comes together and culminates in a best time!

  11. I’ve been hitting the treadmill a lot lately and I cannot say I missed it! It’s just getting harder to get out when it gets dark so early. Love that quizzical look on Hank’s face! So funny! And yes, I think the camper workout totally counts.
    jan recently posted…Well, Hello!My Profile

    1. It is hard to get out with the earlier sunset. I have really been struggling with that lately, which has translated into not much running. No excuse for it, since Sven is downstairs waiting for me 🙂

      Thank you for validating my camper workout! Hah!

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