Twisted Trail 10K – Race Report

The Twisted Trail 10K in Forest, VA took place on June 29. It was my first race after the Dam Yeti 50 Miler. Since the Yeti, I’ve been taking it easy and letting my body recover. So I went into this race without any expectations, other than to relax and have fun. I met up […]

Dam Yeti 50 Miler – Race Report

Fifty miles is a long way. Duh, right? But even after completing the Dam Yeti 50, I still cannot wrap my head around it. I tried not to write a novel in my attempt to capture the day. Tried being the operative word. But don’t worry… there’s plenty of pictures! Barry and I headed down […]


It’s one week until the Dam Yeti 50 Miler – the longest race I’ve ever attempted. I get a lot of questions from people who find out about my ultrarunning: How long does that take… Do you run the whole time… Do you eat during the race… etc. But the main question I get: Why? […]

Dirty German 50K – Race Report

Where to begin…. I could just cut to the chase. This race report will be a little different than those I’ve written in the past, because the Dirty German 50K was my very first DNF (did not finish). But let’s start from the beginning. I signed up for the Dirty German 50K to get in […]

Mental Toughness

A big aspect of running is mental, particularly when you start venturing into marathon distances and beyond. You can do all sorts of training, but come race day it still takes a certain amount of courage. I seem to be hitting this mental block lately. Back in January I psyched myself out and bailed on […]

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