Holston River Take Aways

Here are some of my take aways from the Holston River Endurance Run, which was my first-ever timed event: These people are crazy to run around in circles for hours. And so am I. And I want more of it. Big gravel hurts to run on. ‘Nuff said. There’s a very big mental aspect to […]

Grayson Highlands Birthday Run

So this year was a big year for me. In July I turned the big 3-0. For a big birthday, I wanted a fun adventure. After waffling over a few different ideas, I finally settled on a trail run at Grayson Highlands State Park with Barry. The park is gorgeous, and it’s also an access […]

Angel’s Rest, Round Two

Angel’s Rest is an overlook on the Appalachian Trail, located outside of Pearisburg, Virginia. It is notorious among thru hikers (those hiking the entirely of the AT from Georgia to Maine) for the strenuous climb to the top. But the view is worth it! I first tackled Angel’s Rest in 2015 with my little sister. […]

Hell Climb 10K

It’s funny the things you do for friends. This local race was in danger of being canceled because it didn’t have enough registrants. We just couldn’t have that. So there was a movement on Facebook, and a commitment from the masses to reopen registration and keep this race alive. 6 miles, 2,000+ feet in elevation […]

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