New River Trail 50K – Race Report

New River Trail 50K

Sometimes I question my decisions. And I often wonder what drives me to do the things I do. That’s always the question, right. “Why?” Often, it’s quickly followed by some comment about not even liking to drive that far, that it can’t possibly be good for your knees, etc. I don’t think most of us […]

Life With Bloodhounds

As you may or may not know, I share my life with two humongous, messy, lovable hounds – Hank and Scout. Life with these hounds is always entertaining, hilarious, and sometimes unpredictable. But there are certain unique aspects to owning a bloodhound. You know you’re sharing your life with bloodhounds when… Your routine house chores […]

Annapolis, round two

Recently, I wrote about my awesome run exploring the US Naval Academy. I was only in Annapolis for three nights, but I was able to sneak in one other run while I was there. My hotel happened to be about a half mile from the US Naval Academy’s football stadium (which is separate from campus), […]

From Knowledge, Seapower

Towards the end of August, I went to Annapolis, Maryland for a work trip. I hadn’t ever been to Annapolis and I was excited to explore a new city. I was especially excited to check out the US Naval Academy. Luckily, Sunday was our travel day which gave me Sunday afternoon and evening to go […]

Lying to Myself

Recently, I had one of those really crummy runs. You know the ones were you just feel like crap the entire time? Some days you might throw in the towel, but other days you find a way to fight through and get the thing done. This was one of the latter. Mile 1. Okay, not feeling […]

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